Thank you for adding VST plugins support,

i'm trying to convert stereo wav file with VST3 plugins ToneBoosters.
and notices an issues:

The conversion process reaches 100% and does not end.


I tried opening different audio formats, after converting, that failed to fully complete, and only a few of them were able to open as incomplete.
For example WV format, however, when I open an audio file in the player, I can clearly hear a strange sounds like clicks with multiple repetitions.

Also, i tried to convert 5.1 audio file with VST3 and got message:

VST refused audio format [clDSP::BeginConversion]
VST expects 2 channels (stereo) [clDSP::BeginConversion]
However, when i open audio file stereo or 5.1 for example in "Acoustica" audio editor and apply VST3 plugins "ToneBoosters" - everything works fine with 5.1 and stereo.
and there are no clicks with reverberation effect.

i tried to convert audio file in virtual machine and got the same result/issue.
also, tried with VST3 plugins "Sound Particles" and got the same result.

also tried to apply 2 DSP: "Volume normalize" and "VST plugin"
the conversion speed decreases very much, up to several hours, according to the progress bar.

Would you please check or suggest something.

Thank you