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Thread: MAC OS Ventura 13.1 Asset UPnP 7.5

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    MAC OS Ventura 13.1 Asset UPnP 7.5

    Hi All
    I installed 7.5 today and for some reason it's not running as a background service on MAC OS X Ventura...in the older version Asset would start even when you are not logged in. Was the run as background service removed from Mac OS X 5.7 version and are you now required to be logged in and have asset added to your login items? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: MAC OS Ventura 13.1 Asset UPnP 7.5

    It is possible to set Asset to run as a background service, though not directly supported from the app; nothing changed about this recently.

    It can be done by extracting Asset service program from the app bundle and running it manually - you'll find that it behaves much the same as Linux version of Asset.

    Running AssetUPnP program without arguments just starts Asset; running AssetUPnP --shutdown signals already running instance to shut down.

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