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Thread: Database Files Location

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    Question Database Files Location

    Hello everyone!

    Iím in the trial period for both dBpoweramp and PERFECTtunes and am so far quite impressed! Iím considering a Family license because I want to be able to use multiple computers for ripping and managing my collections without being pinned to one machine (since the licensing model appears to be per-computer rather than per-user). The goal is to be able to work on my desktop, but then close things down and pick up where I left off on my laptop, and everything remain in sync.

    Regarding the applicationís database locations, I know the defaults are %appdata%\ for Windows and ~\Library for macOS. There are two questions I have:

    1. Can the database folders/files be relocated to a folder/location of my choosing?
    2. Is there anything fundamentally different between the Windows and macOS versions that would prohibit the use of the same database files across platforms?

    I donít foresee where the software will be left running on more than one computer at once, so there should not be any file conflicts or collisions. (Iíve done this before with other apps without issues; the clients have proven capable of managing sync and conflicts so long as I fully close the program.)

    The fundamental thing Iím trying to avoid having each install have to re-listen and re-index every timeÖ that takes quite a while, and if I were to make a change on my desktop, Iím concerned the laptopís apps will not be aware or itíll be out of sync with the core music files that were changed up on the server, triggering a 1+ hour re-listen/re-index, or applying old information back to the servers, causing a leap-frog effect between my laptop and desktop.

    I also realize having a custom location for the database/files might not be a fully supported scenario so Iím hoping to test this out during the trial period before purchasing specifically. Would really appreciate any assistance folks can provide here. Thanks kindly in advance!

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    Re: Database Files Location

    1. It cannot be relocated
    2. You cannot share macOS and Windows databases.

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    Re: Database Files Location

    Thanks for the reply.

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