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Thread: Delete an empty Asset 'music' share?

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    Delete an empty Asset 'music' share?


    When installing Asset on a Synology NAS, quote: "Asset creates a 'music' share and grant itself proper access rights".

    I have my music collection in a different share, and redirected the folder scan to my personal share.
    So I don't use the 'music' share, which is now totally empty.

    It's not possible to delete this 'music' share, because Asset locks it.
    Why is this? Can I delete the 'music' share?

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    Re: Delete an empty Asset 'music' share?

    If Asset is not using the music share/folder, why does Asset keeps it locked?

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    Re: Delete an empty Asset 'music' share?

    Problem noted.

    Asset doesn't specifically keep it locked.
    Asset's application manifest just specifies that Asset wants such share to be created by Synology, so users don't have to specifically grant Asset permissions to read their music, as that would confuse less technical users. This sadly results in share being impossible to delete. You can stop Asset and delete it, but it will re-appear as soon as you start Asset again, even if it's set not to touch this folder.

    I'll investigate this for the next update.

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