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Thread: help with ghost track , how can i rip it?

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    Question help with ghost track , how can i rip it?


    I have installed the trial version on a laptop windows 7 and i'm testing because honestly it's a great program even does't include cue (dBpoweramp-Codec-[CUESheetImage]) and must be downloaded seperatly , at least could added in codec central , could be added

    I have only 2 questions

    yesterday I tried to rip Nirvana 's Nevermind album , and there is a ghost track (i guess it's Her Majesty) , there is a lot of silence and noise and after it stars the track
    there 12 tracks and the 13 is hidden
    I would like to rip the 12 tracks and the 13 without silence or noise
    May I know the best dbpoweramp cd ripper settings to rip the cd ?
    maybe with some screenshots or in details
    because yesterday it does rip not correctly and i have not many days to test it ,i have to decided it

    2) in the past nero release an dll wnaspi32.dll to copy in the exact audio copy to let it work better
    wnaspi32.dll SHA-256: E1994E793DB6AC018F738CABABF3C1B93EDBC18DB27D54E152 E28B9980B2DC38
    does it work with dbpoweramp cd ripper

    thanks , i have searched but not found a good answer with screenshots in the forum
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