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Thread: ALAC enlightenment

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    ALAC enlightenment


    I've been using Android for years and have decided to see if an iPhone will suit my current needs better. I currently have all my music files as FLAC, many are 24 bit and will need to convert them to Apple's satisfaction if I am to use them on this new phone. I was reading up on what is important and see ALAC is their new lossless format. I tried using Music Converter and found apple lossless (ALAC) is saved as m4a, not with the ALAC suffix.

    I don't care what the suffix is but do want to be able to use my FLAC files in the new phone and if iPhone is looking for ALAC and I generate m4a, I want to avoid an Apple proprietary issue. For those who know from experience, will the m4a files generated from Music Converter work without issues on the new iPhones?

    Anything I should do in particular while making this conversion? I do have many gigs of files to convert.


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    Re: ALAC enlightenment

    ALAC as m4a would work fine, however to save yourself the trouble you could run a player on the iPhone which can play flac files:


    if you choose this player then this program will sync with it:


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    Re: ALAC enlightenment

    ALAC is simply the lossless encoding version of the m4a format, it still uses the m4a extension. There is no .ALAC extension necessary.

    If you want to keep using FLAC, there are several player apps that support this. Try Foobar, it is capable and currently free. There are several good paid app players as well - BTR Amp, Ever Play, Neutron, and more. Most are better than the Music app from Apple.

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    Re: ALAC enlightenment

    Spoon & GBrown,

    Thank you. That's just what I needed to know.

    Good head's up on the possible players; I use Neutron in my Android & in my car under Android Auto. I'm not sure how that'll connect with the iPhone but that'll be no problem. I use foobar on the desktop, I had no idea there was a player for iPhone or Android it offers.

    Thanks for the quick replies.

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