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Thread: Convert one chnnel recording to Mono

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    Convert one chnnel recording to Mono


    This is my first post even though I have been a dbpoweramp user for many years.

    I have some old reel to reel recordings of an uncle (Since deceased) playing the piano. The tape player only has a DIN speaker output so I jury rigged a cable from the DIN on the tape player to the 3.5" line input on my Sony PCM digital recorder. It worked but all of the sound was only recorded on the right channel.

    I've saved it as .wav file to my Windows computer. The question:- is there a way to use Music converter to convert this single channel to mono so that it would come out of both speakers on a stereo music system?


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    Re: Convert one chnnel recording to Mono

    Use the DSP Effect 'Channel Mapper' right to left, then on Wave encoder settings, choose mono for chanels.

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