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Thread: Question regarding Work and Movement tags

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    Question regarding Work and Movement tags

    I see form the description that Asset 7 supports Work and Movement tags. How is this implemented? Will you get an overview of the Works and if you select one you will see the movement names sorted by movement number? And how is this displayed? Apple Music shows it as:

    Composer - Work
    i. movement name (of the track)
    ii. movement name (of the track)

    which is the logical way of displaying and the way you want it to be displayed at the end of the search tree. Ideally you would want to have the composer as an entry point, see all the works, then the album artist and then the display as above.

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    Re: Question regarding Work and Movement tags

    Classical tracks typically do not fit well into the standard artist >> album, browsing method. Apple introduced Work and momement tags, if your tracks are tagged with these you can browse to Additional >> Composer / Work >> Work. Here tracks will be displayed by composer, then work.

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