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Thread: Naming schema suddenly acting strange

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    Jun 2022

    Naming schema suddenly acting strange

    I have been using the Naming schema below for some time now without any issues. Then all of a sudden yesterday I started getting unwanted results.

    Below is just one example of what I am seeing. I also ripped 5 Yes CDs. 3 went where that were expected and the other NOT.

    When I ripped:
    Neil Young - "After The Gold Rush"
    I was expecting it to rip to a folder "Z:\FLAC\Young Neil\After The Gold Rush" but instead it went to "Z:\FLAC\[REPLACE],,,,Young, NeilNeil Young\After The Gold Rush"

    Meta Data for all Tracks is as follows:
    album artist sort - Young, Neil
    artist - Neil Young
    album - After The Gold Rush

    Meta Data for individual track - has the correct "Title" and the tracks are all getting name correctly but in an unexpected directory.

    Here is what I have set for my Naming schema

    [REPLACE]<comma_>,,,[IFVALUE]album artist sort,[tag]album artist sort[][IFCOMP]Various Artists[][IF!COMP][REPLACE]<comma_>,,,[artist][][][]\[MAXLENGTH]80,[album][]\[MAXLENGTH]80,[][track]-[IFCOMP][artist]-[][title]

    If I go to Installed Apps I see the version listed as
    dBpoweramp Release 2022.09.02
    running on Windows 11 Home Edition version 22H2

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Jun 2022

    Re: Naming schema suddenly acting strange

    I modified

    And that seems to have fixed my problem. Strange that it has work that way for months and 100's of CD. Oh well It seems to be resolved


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