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Thread: Success on Install ... then failure to connect

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    Success on Install ... then failure to connect

    Awhile ago I got a Cambridge CXN2 streamer and was using it with my music collection on a USB drive plugged directly into the unit. However, I found the Soundstream app was very slow as I had to dig down through the file structure to find albums. Also the app/machine was very slow and didn't seem to retain any sort of data base so I often ended up back at the top of the file structure and having to dig down again.

    In any event, I downloaded the trial version of the Asset UPnP and installed it on my computer running Windows 11. It showed up on my CXN2 immediately and I was able to direct it to my music database on my computer which it appeared to scan very quickly. I used it for a bit and was impressed by how much faster it was to search and sort my various music files. Way faster than the Cambridge app. It appeared to me that I could use the Asset app to search my music files and when selected they would play through the Cambridge app. I didn't get to explore in any more detail during that first session. But I certainly felt I'd found a solution to the limitations of the Soundscape app.

    The next day when I turned on the Cambridge CXN it couldn't see the Asset UPnP (nor could any other device). It had completely disappeared. It does show up in my Start Up menu so I assume that it is running. The sub-folder in the Start Up menu shows Asset-UPnP twice and UMediaLibrary.exe once.

    Sorry for the long story but I'm hoping that someone on the forum will have an idea of what is happening here.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Success on Install ... then failure to connect

    You can try restarting your computer fully, also running Asset Configuration will show the status of Asset.

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