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Thread: Asset UPnP for Mac+Linux, R7.6 beta

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    Asset UPnP for Mac+Linux, R7.6 beta

    Current version: beta 2

    QNAP | Synology | Synology DSM7 | Mac
    Linux: x86 32-bit | x86 64-bit | ARM 32-bit | ARM 64-bit

    Changes since R7.5:
    • Linux versions no longer built with obscenely old toolchain.
    • Dropped ARMv5 build from QNAP/SPK, as we don't have a test device available anymore.
    • Fixed handling of Vorbis Comment tags beginning with =.
    • Updated FLAC, WavPack and Monkey's Audio libraries.

    Changes in beta 2:
    • Updated libFLAC to 1.4.2
    • Mac: removed reliance on menu bar icon, which was problematic for some users. Asset configuration now appears on app startup. Asset is shown in the dock when running. Exact behaviors to be possibly refined in next udpates.
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