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Thread: R2022.09.02: Context Menus "broken" in W11, Classic and W11 Style

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    R2022.09.02: Context Menus "broken" in W11, Classic and W11 Style

    Hi everyone!

    As a long term user of dBpoweramp, it was no question to update to 20xx, after I've seen the possibility to make an upgrade.

    The software itself seems still to run very well, I detected no issues at all.

    What's kind of broken is the Context Menu (see the attachments). The new Windows 11 mode "works", but the Hotkeys are gone. I'm a very keyboard related user, clicking and pushing mice is not my topic (takes much too long).
    The W10 Style Context Menu (which I use the most with Total Commander) misses the Icons and the Hotkeys. I some situations the entry is completely missing.

    After all, this does not seem to make a big difference, but it really does ;-). My workflow is addicted to the quick and fast way to hit some keys, what at this point doesn't work any more.

    Please let me know if this is a known issue, and if it will possibly fixed.

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