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Thread: Scanner Option Not Working

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    Scanner Option Not Working

    Trying to add custom Album Cover to an album using the scanner option.
    This worked for me years ago.

    I load art work into scanner. (yes, it works for all other needs)
    Used pull down "Edit ID Tags"
    Click on options. (To the right of "Choose from internet")
    Click on Acquire from scanner.
    HP scanner screen comes up.
    Click on scan.
    Art Work is scanned. (it's a single page test, black & White)
    Art Work received and looks good.
    click on done.
    dbpoweramp screen comes up, without any art work ?????

    ideas or secrets?

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    Re: Scanner Option Not Working

    Sorry no ideas, this process is normally automatic, unless something is broken (in the drivers) or something is interfering with it.

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    Re: Scanner Option Not Working

    When you say drivers, are you referring to the driver for my scanner/printer? That scanner/printer works at all different times without a problem. Used this scanner option years ago with great success. That version of DBP is still running on an old laptop, might try that.

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    Re: Scanner Option Not Working

    Yes scanner drivers and software, we interface with the scanner through TWAIN, which is different than scanning directly with their own program.

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    Re: Scanner Option Not Working

    Confirmed that I'm using TWAIN with HP scanner/printer. Completes the scan, but does not load the artwork onto the album.

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