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Thread: Strip iTunes DRM with Hymn

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    Strip iTunes DRM with Hymn

    Hi there. I've taken a look around a few boards here and am not seeing this topic, so I figure I'll post it. If it's old news to you, well, I tried.

    The short-lived Playfair is back under a new name - Hymn. It lets you strip the DRM out of songs you bought from iTunes. You start with m4p files and end up with unprotected m4a. No quality loss. Tags, cover art, etc. are preserved. Recognized by iTunes, etc. Whee! Then you could use some of the dbPowerAmp tools to convert to other formats.

    Engadget has an easy how-to.

    Main site

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    One trick to remember

    Oops, forgot to include one little trick for my fellow amateurs out there when stripping apple's DRM with Hymn.

    I know very little about command-line stuff or DOS, so I don't know if this is a quirk of Hymn or a quirk of command-line stuff in general, but your filename can't have spaces in it or you'll get a "couldn't open file" message and it won't convert.

    I just copied my m4p file to the specified folder, renamed it to have no spaces, and then converted that version. That produced a converted and unlocked m4a. Then I just renamed the new version back to the original title. Hooray! DRM gone, just like that. Not that the filename really matters with iTunes, it's just a cosmetic thing.

    Also I see now that Spoon had in fact already posted about Hymn. So this wasn't really news after all.

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    Re: Strip iTunes DRM with Hymn


    Your filename can have spaces in it just so long as you put the filename in quotes.

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