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Thread: Converting 8-bit, mono wav file

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    Converting 8-bit, mono wav file

    Hi there...

    Using dBpoweramp 17.7 on a Win10 machine, I'm trying to convert an 8-bit mono wav file with a sample rate of 64-kbps to an uncompressed wav for editing in a DAW. When I try to perform the conversion, I get the following error:
    Error Cannot Create Wave Decoder (CCITT u-Law)? [clWaveDecoder_Wave::PrepareToDecodeAudio]

    Any suggestions?


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    Re: Converting 8-bit, mono wav file

    It means you do not have the PCM decoder installed, WAVE is a container format and there are 100's of different encodings, what ever created the file would have had an ACM system codec for Windows.

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    Re: Converting 8-bit, mono wav file

    Ok, thanks for the insight. It came from a telephone system, so I'm trying to convert it for use in an audio editor. Thanks again.

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