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Thread: m4a ACC no longer an option?

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    m4a ACC no longer an option?

    Hello, is m4a (ACC) no longer a codec option? I am using release 17.7 and the drop down is not giving me the codec option. As it is supposed to be included in the app, it is not available at "Codec Central". I tried to attach a screenshot showing the option missing from the dropdown, but the 'insert image' on this clunky forum system but it appears it will not let me attach the jpg.

    How do I go about getting this codec? I do not want Apple Lossless as I am trying to compress an audio book as small as possible in the m4a codec. From there I can change the extension to m4b allowing me to save bookmarks in my audio app.

    Any solutions would be appreciated.dbp.jpg

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    Re: m4a ACC no longer an option?

    It was not included in the Power Pack, rather Reference. Perhaps you had previously a trial of Reference?

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