Hi! This is really weird. Over the last 2 days the Asset UPNP web overview page is not loading for me, either on my laptop or the internet browser on my smart phone. The IP address for the page is

I'm running Asset v7.4 off a Synology NAS.

If I stop and re-start Asset on my NAS the overview page will work again for a while, but then it fails. Rebooting my router and NAS doesn't fix it.

I've been using Asset for several years now, this has never happened before.

The Asset service itself is working fine.

The only recent change to my set-up is that Sky Broadband was updated last week to Sky Fibre but nothing else has been affected, including other NAS operations. Neither the IP address of my NAS or of Asset changed as a result.

Is there anything I can do to fix this?