Hi all,

I'm new to the forum and new to ripping in the pursuit of cd/high res quality.

I will shortly have an Astell and Kern SR25 mk2 with Meze Classics but until then until I've been experimenting with ripping/file formats on an old MacBook Pro (mid 2012 dual core i7 running 10.15) and Music (1.0.6).

The problem I have is that if I rip Wave, or AIFF, using db (17.7), then import into Music and save to my iPhone (15.5) the files do not quite sound as good as streaming the same tracks apple lossless.

I don't tweak db, merely change to Wave or AIFF, and keep the sample rate/bit depth the same as original. The file version sounds slightly more compressed, with less definition, less warmth and a lower output volume.

Am I missing something here?