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Thread: Metadata search = zero results

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    Post Metadata search = zero results

    A 'best of' Supertramp factory CD I loaded to rip didn't result in any metadata search results in dbpoweramp's cd ripper (no songs, no artist, no album, nothing). I don't mind inputting the tags manually, but it doesn't appear as though i can even start the rip without at least some of the metadata. I checked discogs & the album listing there shows no tags.
    Question *1: can i rip a cd when no metadata is found ?
    Question *2: i have some older cd's that i burned to cd decades ago to create an album using single track downloads from various sources (ie. Portishead Dummy & Gorillaz Demon Days). I long ago removed those dubiously sourced files from my hard drive & they now only exist on burned cd's. Given their sources & their often incorrect idtags, will i have similar metadata search result issues if i load those cd's to rip them ?
    It's only one problem cd out of a 99.9% success rate. If i can't rip it, it's no big deal, but i am curious to learn what's going on. Sorry for the long post & thanks in advance for your responses.

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    Re: Metadata search = zero results

    You are best manaualy typing the tags into CD Ripper, it would not take too long.

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