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Thread: Syncing multi-genre albums

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    Syncing multi-genre albums

    I just discovered TuneFUSION, and I love it! It's made getting music on my phone (and then keeping it up to date as I add new albums) so easy! But I think I might have discovered a bug, or maybe I'm just doing something wrong?

    We use a custom "Listener" tag to keep track of which family member wants a given album on their playlist, and when I saw that TuneFUSION supported filtering by Genre, I decided to transfer those Listener values into the Genre tag. So now in TuneFUSION I see three Genre options for Kids, Ree, and Wife. For my phone I select Ree, for my wife's phone I select Wife, etc, and for the last few days I thought this was working perfectly.

    But today I went looking for an album on my phone that I know is on my playlist, but I couldn't find it. After investigating a bit, it appears that TuneFUSION has only synced the single-Genre content, so my phone only has items tagged for Ree, and my wife's phone only has items tagged for Wife, but then Ree+Wife, Kids+Ree, and Kids+Ree+Wife are not synced to my phone like I expected.

    Is this a bug? Or is multi-genre content not supported? And if it's not supported, can it be? I know one workaround would be to re-tag the files with one compound value(ie Ree+Wife) instead of two individual values, but I'd prefer not to do that if possible.

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