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Thread: Help needed ref tracks with error

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    Help needed ref tracks with error

    This is my first post on this forum

    I have set up dBpoweramp as follows:

    Secure Rip Abort
    After Unrecoverable Frame: 1 frame
    When Have to Re-Rip : 100 frames
    After Ripping a Track For : 10mins

    Mark Track as Error if insecure

    However if I do this and there is an error then the track is not there to listen to. So what I have done is then just highlight the track with issue, tried to rip it again and sometimes it may come back as secure or it will come back as error. So then I highlight this one track again and change from Secure mode to Burst mode and ripped again. This time it comes back as Inaccurate, however it then does allow me to play the track. It actually sounded ok to me.

    Is it OK what I am doing here? Is there a quicker way of doing the same thing e.g. if I untick the Mark track as Error if Insecure would it come back as Insecure and allow me to play it (this would avoid me to need to change from Secure mode to Burst mode)?

    P.S. I have Ultra Secure not ticked, and I have C2 Error pointers unticked also
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    Re: Help needed ref tracks with error

    Uncheck mark track as error.

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    Re: Help needed ref tracks with error

    Thanks will do

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