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Thread: Seriouis problems with dBpoweramp v.17.x

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    Angry Seriouis problems with dBpoweramp v.17.x

    I think I would like to 'backtrack' to an earlier version of dBpoweramp. First of all, v.17.7 almost NEVER finds any metatadata from web sources, especially with new releases that have little history. This problem is exacerbated when trying to rip a single, in which it invariably finds an incorrect entry, which then seems to cripple the application when typing in the correct data manually. For example, in that mode, I cannot retrieve ISRC from the target CD after deleting the erroneous data for the erroneous metadata found by the system.

    If I'm lucky when trying to rip a new multi-track CD, I get access to ISRC. Why do I have to do this manually and while doing so, often encounter an "hourglass" with no results. When it works, it works well, but when it doesn't, I cannot obtain ISRC even though I know it's there.

    I tried to reinstall an earlier version, say 16.6 using the proper registration ode for that version, but I received v.17.7 which is very unreliable and besides taking forever to fail to find metadata, it often locks up with an hourglass icon that won't go away..

    Why does dBpoweramp look on the web for metadata before actually examining CD-Text and CD-ISRC.

    I don't know where to turn, but it appears that no one is paying attention to efficient use. Please simplify the user experience!!!!

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    Re: Seriouis problems with dBpoweramp v.17.x

    Send an email to:


    with your order number and it can be swapped over to R16

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