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Thread: Question about the Asset UPnP licence model

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    Smile Question about the Asset UPnP licence model

    Dear dBpoweramp forum,

    I'm coming from Twonky, but I have big problems with the licensing there, because due to the change of licensing via a Lynx account a permanent online connection is mandatory.
    As soon as the internet connection is disconnected (even when the Lynx server is offline), access to the audio files via UPnP is no longer possible.

    Since I cannot provide a permanent internet connection for my requirements, I cannot continue to use Twonky as a UPnP server.

    After my research, Asset UPnP seems to fit my requirements exactly. Therefore, I would like to purchase a licence here.

    Unfortunately, so far I have not been able to find any information on exactly how licensing is done here.
    With Asset UPnP, is permanent offline operation possible with a valid licence, even without an Internet connection?

    Is it also possible with Asset UPnP:
    • to exclude individual subfolders from the media scan?
    • to declare directories such as "Soundtracks" or "Compilations" as "collective folders" so that individual artists of an album contained therein do not appear in the general list of album artists?

    And two more questions:
    • if new tracks are detected during operation and these are added to the media library, is there an interruption in playback?
    • With Twonky I often had the following problem:
      If, for example, a playlist was created via BubbleUPnP and new tracks were then added to the media library, the database was jumbled up so that tracks newly added to the playlist could be played, but when tracks were selected before being added to the media library, completely different tracks were played. Is such a problem also known with Asset UPnP?
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    Re: Question about the Asset UPnP licence model

    Asset does not require a internet connection.

    It is not possible to exclude folders. For compilations you should tag those files with the compilation tag set to '1'.

    No interruption in playback when adding new tracks, Asset would not have the last problem.

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    Re: Question about the Asset UPnP licence model

    Thank you, that are great news to me!

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