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Thread: Is AccurateRip 100% accurate?

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    Question Is AccurateRip 100% accurate?

    A little while ago I ordered a Japanese CD called "Kyogen" form Ado.
    I also heard about CD ripping, so I ripped it to FLAC and it sad "ripped Accurate".

    But when I compared the difference between the FLAC-file (16bit) downloaded from Qobuz to the ripped FLAC-file (16bit), it did not sound the same.
    The ripped file was less enjoyable to listen to, and I didn't hear as much bass.

    So my question is: "Does AccurateRip realy mean 100% accurate?"

    If YES: than could it be the quality of the CD production?
    If NO: is it my CD drive that is bad?

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    Re: Is AccurateRip 100% accurate?

    Hi bimsie20! If errors would occur during CD ripping, this would not result in anything like less bass or something similar. The errors would most probaby be audible as very distinct clicks or pops or even silence gaps. It's not possible that a bad rip could somehow make subtle changes to the recorded audio in a musical sense.

    Another problem is that you're comparing audio tracks from entirely different sources. The files from the disc might come from a different master, or there may be some sound processing Quobuz generally applies to uploaded tracks. It's also possible that it has something to do with your playback settings. This is impossible to tell without having a very careful look at both of your sources plus the software you use for playback.

    If dBpoweramp tells you all tracks match the results from Accurate Rip, then yes, they really are 100% accurate.

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