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Thread: Regarding CDRIPPER, BATCH CONVERTER, Album art etc

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    Regarding CDRIPPER, BATCH CONVERTER, Album art etc

    Purchased a newer version of dBpoweramp a year or two ago. Maybe three? Not sure.
    There were a number of other software included at this price. Was this a one time deal? Or do we use our registration to acquire updates for that software. If not, that's a crapy way of including something, then taking it away from you. I do use the software. There are alternate choices, some of them quite good. However, I liked that it was tied into dBpoweramp. I would appreciate any help or comments. Maybe I am doing something wrong when trying to upgrade this software, or indeed it was a one time offer. I should add that I am upgrading dBpoweramp. Excuse my lack of knowledge, I'm sixty-five. As they say, though; Im old enough to get into trouble, and young enough to do it again.


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    Re: Regarding CDRIPPER, BATCH CONVERTER, Album art etc

    All those programs are included in your purchase. How are you trying to access the programs. Not clear what error you are seeing.

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