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Thread: Slow rips (12x) compared to Nero Discspeed (24x) ?

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    Slow rips (12x) compared to Nero Discspeed (24x) ?

    I am a new user with 17.7 on a fresh build of W10, I have the internal laptop drive below connected through sata. The drive is rated for 24x read but never exceeds 12x, typically my rips all start at 5x and increase to 12x at the end of the disc.

    For comparison I tried the older Nero DiscSpeed tool with the same disc and see the extraction at the full speed of the drive, in some cases if I start Nero DiscSpeed first and then CD-Ripper, the Nero tool seems to "trick" CD-Ripper to rip at 24x, I can't seem to replicate this reliably though as a workaround. If I go the other way and use CD-Ripper first and then DiscSpeed this seems to lock DiscSpeed for "current speed" at the same slow speed of CD-Ripper.

    The nero tool appears quite robust at modifying the preferred speed, I do not see the same when adjusting the max speed in the Cd-Ripper config, if I set at 2X, CD-Ripper will still start at 5X.

    The Nero tool is quite old now but is 32bit if it makes any difference.

    Any tips or thoughts on how I can force 24x speed? I found the post on setting DMA mode, I seem to think DMA was an older IDE setting and not relevant for SATA?

    I see the same for Burst or Secure mode, with or without C2 enabled, I am using the default SCSI communication method.

    I appreciate I will not get super quick reads with any laptop drive, but the drive does appear accurate and will suit my needs if I get full 24x speed from it.


    Manufacturer: HL-DT-ST
    CD Drive: DVD+-RW GS40N
    Firmware: A100
    Serial: C040527 K05DB740305
    Maximum Speed: 4234 KB/sec (x24)
    Current Speed: 4234 KB/sec (x24)
    Spin-down After: Never
    Buffer Size: 768 KB
    Accurate Stream: Yes
    C2 Error Pointers: Yes
    Reads ISRC: Yes
    Reads UPC: Yes




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    Re: Slow rips (12x) compared to Nero Discspeed (24x) ?

    It is the drive which decides which speed to rip at after sampling a part of the end track when the disc is inserted. The nero app is overriding the drives own decision, you could get more errors doing this.

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