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Thread: CDs that are particularly challenging to rip

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    CDs that are particularly challenging to rip

    Can you recommend certain albums that are particularly challenging to rip?
    I would like to get into this. So far, all my CDs have been easy to rip.
    I am looking for the 1% problem cases.


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    Re: CDs that are particularly challenging to rip

    The only CD I have that was produced to be difficult to rip was Tasty by Kelis (724359689029). I was helping someone out on another forum and he couldn't rip this Copy Controlled disc so I bought it (for testing), and I couldn't either :-) I think this copy protection was used by Sony in the early 2000's so I don't know how many exist.

    Ignoring "difficult to rip" there are those discs that are non-standard (I don't mean with regard to the specicification):

    • Discs with PRE-GAPs (important to keep this information for uniquely identifying your rip to AccurateRip/CUETools database)
    • Discs with tracks in PRE-GAP
    • Data Discs
    • HDCD (with and without active features)
    • Discs with pre-emphasis (can by flagged in TOC and/or subcode, but the VAST majority have flags in the TOC)
    • Discs that have more than one index per track (this shouldn't affect ripping unless you want to split it by index which I've done on multiple occasions)

    I did have one disc that I wasn't able to read in my trusty LiteOn iHAS124B drive, but I was in a newer LiteOn drive; It was called White Ladder by David Gray, and I bought it because it has a track in the pregap, but I'm not sure if that's what confused my old LiteOn as it has successfully read other discs with tracks in the pre-gap.

    Is this the sort of thing you're after? If so, I can give you some details.

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    Re: CDs that are particularly challenging to rip

    I have a Coldplay X&Y CD that I can't rip. It has the dreaded 'Copy Control'.
    It plays fine in a HiFi CD player. But the Copy Control software in the disc confuses the hell out of computer drives.
    Ripping the disc, every track is inaccurate.




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    Re: CDs that are particularly challenging to rip

    I made a thread myself for the one audiobook I've had difficulty ripping (aside from some I haven't been able to rip due to disc scratches/damages etc.) https://forum.dbpoweramp.com/showthr...raterip-issues

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