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Thread: Pre-emphasis flag in Cuesheet for single file FLAC

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    Pre-emphasis flag in Cuesheet for single file FLAC

    Forgive me is this has already been asked, I searched the forums but was not able to find anything that related specifically to my query.

    I am using DBPoweramp CD Ripper (v17.7) to rip a CD with pre-emphasis (PE) to a single FLAC with cue sheet where I want to keep PE in the FLAC image. I have the dBpoweramp-Codec-[CUESheetImage] installed so I am able to rip single FLAC with a cue sheet.

    The issue I have is where PE is concerned. The CD is detected as having PE

    Within Options the option to apply De-emphasis is unchecked, because I want the FLAC to be identical to the original CD.

    The resultant CUE sheet/file does not have the tag to indicate that the FLAC is ripped with PE as it doesn’t have FLAGS PRE for each of the tracks ripped.

    In the past I used EAC but want to use DBPoweramp’s CD Ripper. Am I missing something or is the expected behaviour of the software? I know I can manually add these lines but thought it was odd that they were not added.

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    Re: Pre-emphasis flag in Cuesheet for single file FLAC

    It will not do this, sorry.

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