I have the command control information for 'Microtech Express" CD duplicators and wish to try setting it up for use with Batch Ripper in the configuration panel. Since I am not using a pre-configured setup driver selected from the dropdown menu at the top of the configuration panel the only other option available is "Auto Eject - Manual Load". How do I set this up to perform Auto "Eject - Auto Load" once I have installed the correct commands for all of the CLI command lines ie Load, Unload, Reject, Pre-Batch, Post-Batch?

I would like to be able to name the setup 'Microtech Express" for future use so that it may be selected from the drop-down menu.

There are specific commands for the output spindle * to place the CD's on once they have been removed from the C drive. If I leave the "Offer Spindle Change" in "Never" mode will Batch Ripper be able to automatically locate a spindle to place the disc on without further programming?