I'm currently running Asset UPnP R7.3 [Linux-ARM64] installed on a QNAP NAS. My music library has this hierarchy of folders:
/Album Artist/Album Name. Each album folder contains the album's music tracks (FLAC, ALAC (.m4a) or MP3) as well as a separate front cover art file called folder.jpg or cover.jpg. The cover artwork is not embedded in the tracks.

It's working very well except that when I add a new album folder and run "Rescan folders detecting changes", the new album and tracks are picked up by Asset, but not the cover artwork. The only way I have found for the artwork file to be detected and used by Asset is to select "Clear database, rescan all folders". That option certainly does work, but I don't think it will scale well as my library grows larger.

My feature request is: could the check for new artwork files be included in "Rescan folders detecting changes"?