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Thread: Dynamic Naming issue

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    Dynamic Naming issue

    I have been using the following dynamic naming that was posted to the forum several years ago.

    [IFCOMP]Compilations\[album][IFMULTI]\Disc [disc][]\[track] [artist] - [title][][IF!COMP][IFVALUE]album artist,[album artist],[artist][]\[album][IFMULTI]\Disc [disc][]\[track] [artist] - [title][]

    This dynamic naming configuration used to work fine for me and then at some point either late in a late 16.x or a 17.x version update, my naming output path for a Multi-Disc rip seemed to change and is now showing that the Disc number is appended into the end of the Album Title directory as highlighted in this screenshot.

    In this old screenshot, the dynamic naming configuration would only output the disc number as a sub-directory and not append the album title.

    Did I bugger something up or did something about dynamic naming change in a recent version? Is there something I can change in the schema to get back to outputting the disc as a separate sub-directory? I apologize but I have zero programming/scripting knowledge and am not sure how to change this to get the desired results.
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    Re: Dynamic Naming issue

    CD Ripper options button on tool bar >> CD Ripper Options >> Metadata & ID Tags click Options

    Look at Multi-CD Add Disc to Album

    After changing you will have to reread the metadata from the intenet with the refresh button.

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