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Thread: Consolidating Rule-Based Manipulations

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    Consolidating Rule-Based Manipulations

    Hello Support Forum,

    I've been using rule-based manipulations within ID Tag Processing to standardize my genres. My manipulations are currently in blocks such as:

    IF genre=Hip-Hop/Rap
    Set genre=Hip-Hop

    IF genre=Hip Hop/Rap
    Set genre=Hip-Hop

    If genre=Hardcore Hip Hop
    Set genre=Hip-Hop

    If genre=Hardcore Rap
    Set genre=Hip-Hop

    If genre=Hip Hop
    Set genre=Hip-Hop

    Is there any way to consolidate multiple blocks of manipulations into one block such as something like:

    If genre=Hip-Hop/Rap, Hip Hop/Rap, Hardcore Hip Hop
    Set genre=Hip-Hop

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Re: Consolidating Rule-Based Manipulations

    Sorry no

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