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Thread: In the Naming syntax, some questioins

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    In the Naming syntax, some questioins

    This question is probably for Spoon or someone familiar with the innards of the software:

    Is there a "programmable action" (function) that will return the length of the string presented to it? I don't see any way of doing that in the list of functions in the dropdown menu but realize there may be some "undocumented features" or I may have missed something in the menu. If there isn't, could you make this a feature request for a future update?

    The second question, the "DEL" action, the two arguments, the description says the first is the position of the character in the string that is the first to delete, the second argument is the position of the character that is either the last to delete or the first subsequent character to remain (if I'm reading the description correctly, which I may not be). But my experimentation with the function seems to get other results that I don't see the logic of. If I make the first argument some number and leave the second argument empty, it behaves as I might expect, all the characters after the first argument (including the character number of the first argument) are truncated from the string. But when I try it with various numbers in the second argument, I get results that I fail to see the logic of, particularly if the second argument is larger than the number of characters in the string. Can you please better explain what results I should be seeing, particularly if the number is larger than the number of characters in the string (it definitely doesn't give the same results in that case as if you leave the second argument blank) and verify it works as you expect

    The next question is for more detail on the "IF" function. What are the conditions it can test for? EQ? NEQ? or is it !EQ? GT? LT? =? what format? And I assume that the third argument "match" is what appears as a string to match with the contents of the tag named in the first argument. And, in a related question, can you do arithmetic with the "position" numbers in the arguments?

    One issue, the link to the table of ASCII characters mentioned in the second tutorial on naming here in the forum (http://www.goascii.com/) returns a "this URL is for sale" page instead of the desired table.

    As to why I'm asking, it has to do with that old bugaboo, filenames (particularly "fully qualified" filenames or pathnames) that are too long for Windows or SAMBA and my server. I use the "MAXLENGTH" function on most of the segments of my naming string, but not on the album name because MAXLENGTH truncates the string. And the end (right end) of some of my album names includes a discnumber (I put each disc of multi disc releases in a separate folder) and/or parts of the album title like "Volume 3". If I truncate those off, I'll end up with more than one disc in the same folder. So I didn't use MAXLENGTH there. But I've now discovered a few (mostly classical) albums that have unreadable pathnames because they have very long album names. So I'm trying to come up with a fix. I can use the "last characters from string" function to recover the end of an album name and add it back to a truncated name, but only want to do that if the name is in fact truncated.

    If you have a solution, I'm interested.

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    Re: In the Naming syntax, some questioins

    You would be best putting disc number back into the album name after truncation. Del will not do what you want.

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