Yesterday I installed a paid-for dBpoweramp on a Windows 7 machine. I had previously been using CD Ripper free on the same machine.

I have found that the "Naming" drop down selection box shows about 7 different choices, but - and this is the problem - all except one are shown as the script used to create the names and paths, and not the example of what the script would produce.

So, for example, instead of showing a choice such as "Album Artist\Album\TrackNum Artist - Title" in the drop-down list, the script to create this is displayed instead. The drop-down list doesn't show a large number of characters, and the first parts of many of the scripts are pretty much the same, so they are indistinguishable.

If I press "Set" to select a script, then a new Window pops up showing both the script and the example. This looks OK. However, the feature as a whole - and it is pretty fundamental - clearly isn't working as intended on my machine. I need to fix it.

I'd be grateful to Forum members, and to the program developers, for help.

Thank you.