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Thread: CD Ripper going slow after latest Win10 Update

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    Jan 2022

    CD Ripper going slow after latest Win10 Update

    My computer auto-updated to the latest version of Windows 10 overnight, and now today, CD Ripper is going extremely slow.

    It still reads a CD the same as before, as best I can tell, but the CPU encoding, when encoding to a FLAC format and using the highest accuracy setting, is glacial. Usually it takes a second or two to encode a 5 minute track, now it is taking about 50 seconds to rip a 5 minute track.

    I can have a CD that has finished the reading phase, but five or six of the tracks still going through the encoding phase, for minutes subsequently.

    I've made no other changes to the system. It happens with two different CD drives. The CD Ripper version is 17.4 64-bit.

    Would appreciate any advice and assistance.

    Many thanks


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    Jan 2022

    Re: CD Ripper going slow after latest Win10 Update

    Sorry, was hoping I could delete this. Please, someone else, do so.

    The error was mine. Somehow the program changed the type of encoding it was using to a DSD type which is apparently much slower. Just worked that out now, after ripping a dozen discs!

    Aaagh. But all my fault.

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