I have the current Win PC 64 bit version (17.4) of dBpoweramp CD Ripper (and all the other software too).

When I load a CD, sometimes nonsense metadata appears. If I go to the Manual Meta Review page, no data appears from any of the providers, just the data in the left hand column. The other providers are greyed out, and it isn't clear to me which provider supplied the data.

If I check the active providers, I have multiple selected.

If I try to retrieve metadata from a specific provider, a strange thing happens. It seems that sometimes the software has a "caching problem" where it doesn't overwrite the existing data with new data from the specific provider. I can step through several providers and get the same data every time, but sometimes if I step through in a different order, the data will update.

In short, it seems all messed up. I've clearly done something wrong. How can I get this to work?

Many thanks