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Thread: Unable to recode DSF Files

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    Unable to recode DSF Files

    In the past I ripped SACDs to ISO, created DSF Files and then used DBPoweramp to convert to FLAC or at last to update the ID Tags
    Current version of DBPoweramp appears to no longr even undersatand that DSF or DFF files are audio files. Checked the Website and I can read there that DSD Files are supported, meanning that DFF and DSF files should present no problem. I dont see the option to include them anywhere.

    Please advise what I am doing wrong. I am not filtering on anything "all audio files" is checked

    Running fully licensed version of everything on Windows 11 pro version 22000.434
    Grateful for any advice you might have


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    Re: Unable to recode DSF Files

    Check your file extension is .dsf and if you look in dBpoweramp Control Center, you can list the codecs installed into dBpoweramp, DSD decoder should be listed if you have R17.x

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