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Thread: dBpoweramp Music Converter is awesome!

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    Talking dBpoweramp Music Converter is awesome!

    I have never liked it when the next song comes on and it's ULTRA LOUD. Same if it's too quiet.
    Once I found that I could apply the EBU R128 standard to all my music with dMC, I was fully onboard.
    Though nice, there are still a good number of songs that stick out as too loud or too quiet. Because of the way EBU R128 is calculated, it can make the songs that used to be quiet, too loud or the other way around.
    My solution was to join really quiet songs with the loudest on the album, do all the processing and converting, then split them up again. It was pretty tedious. ...And I like to mess with my sound processing settings and add new features, so every year or so I end up processing and converting all my music again. If only I could just add a tag to the offending music files and dMC would read them and apply settings accordingly.
    Well it can. I finally knuckled down and did it. Python was the tool of choice.
    My first script was made to automate the trimming of songs. It would read the tags and find where to trim if needed, create the command to call, then call the command. It worked great, but that meant I still needed to keep three copies same music file: The untouched originals, the joined files for the first song and the same joined files for the second song.
    My next iteration made use of the fact that I was already adding the DSP effect Volume Normalize to apply the EBU R128 standard. I realized that you can set the desired dB to whatever you wantópositive or negative. That one worked fine. The tag reader python script I was using randomly would drop digits though. Then it failed altogether when I tried to run it on a 32 bit float wav.
    My final version of the script is using the dMCScripting.dll to read tags. It was kind of convoluted to figure out how to get python to read and use the dll, but I figured it out eventually. (Sadly it's slower then the python tag readeróbut more reliable!) It works great for reading my custom tags on all the files I throw at it.

    I hope this gives some idea of just what is possible with dBpoweramp Music Converter. And for those who wonder, Yes you can use dMC scripting in python.

    Thank you so very much for making such a well thought-out and implemented tool. It has been worth every penny I spent on it. I cannot recommend it too much.

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    Re: dBpoweramp Music Converter is awesome!

    You are welcome.

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