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Thread: Need help setting ID tags after converting wavs

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    Need help setting ID tags after converting wavs

    Hi all, I know someone has a way to do this so I don't have to reinvent the wheel:

    I have a lot of ripped vinyl in folders like this:
    E:\Vinyl rips\The Jets - Private Number (12 inch)\Audio Files\The Jets - 01 - Private Number (12 inch mix).wav

    I need to easily convert these wavs to FLAC (I guess I can't drag and drop to file converter?)

    I'd like them converted to the folder E:\FLAC.

    And then somehow infer the information from the folder and filenames so I get these tags:
    Artist, album, track number and song name.

    Then I can more easily put them into MusicBee without going through 8 billion steps. Otherwise I have to use MusicBee to infer tags, and I can't get that program to do what I want either.

    Does anyone have a good way to do this with dbpoweramp?
    Thanks much!

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    Re: Need help setting ID tags after converting wavs

    There is Tag From Filename utility codec:


    and help on using batch converter to convert:


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