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Thread: Year tag in Asset UPnP

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    Year tag in Asset UPnP


    i would like to upgrade the tags for year from like 1975 to something like 1975-03-08 to sort my albums.
    It works fine in most of my software player but Asset still displays only the year.Is this a limitation in UPNP ?

    Or what can i do to change it ?

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    Re: Year tag in Asset UPnP

    Extra date on year is not currently supported by asset.

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    Re: Year tag in Asset UPnP

    I think the tag is meant to be "Year" not "Date".
    I use the Artist/Album By release in my browse tree to chronologically list the releases. I always wanted to do it and over the moon when I found it in Asset. A great feature of Asset.
    So if there are more than one in any year (occasionally) I do not think it matters.
    Also with dates is it YYYY-MM-DD or YYYY-DD-MM (American style) and the release date may vary by country anyway. Just over complicates things.
    If rips produced a date I always changed it to Year.

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