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Thread: lame codec problem?

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    lame codec problem?

    I just ripped 1400+ WAV files and noticed that two albums have mp3 files that have a bit rate of only 31kbps. I used EAC and know that the WAV files are good, I also used the AAC codec and the resulting M4A files look fine. Any ideas? Do I need to update to a later version of the lame codec?

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    Re: lame codec problem?

    dBpoweramp 17.4 64-bit for Windows

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    Re: lame codec problem?


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    Re: lame codec problem?

    My bad, looks like the WAV files are corrupted, resplit from CUE file and everything looks fine, not sure why EAC said the rip was accurate...

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    Re: lame codec problem?

    it's always possible that the files were accurate when ripped, but something caused the WAV files to become corrupted (copying, bad sectors on HDD, etc.). By the way, one of the advantages of FLAC over WAV is that FLAC has built in CRC checking, so one can easily run a batch job in dbpa (convert to TEST CONVERSION), or with many other software programs to confirm that the FLAC files are not corrupted (decoded CRC matches the CRC from the original rip). WAV files do NOT have this ability.

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