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Thread: How to update User Upstream Images ?

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    How to update User Upstream Images ?

    I tried the User Upstream images for the Genre class with a few test graphical file placed in folder AssetUserUpstreamImages. This worked fine, but when I came to replace some of these image files to update them, it seems Asset UPnP insists on using the old images. This even happens when I delete ALL the files in the uMediaLibrary folder (except for the AssetUserUpstreamImages subfolder) and restart Asset. My question is where does the Asset software store the user supplied images for the Genre classes? I see there is a large binary file called ArtStorev7.bin, which I guess is where all images are kept after the individual image files have been read.

    I am using Asset as a file server for my Linn audio streamer, controlling it via the Linn Kazoo program running on an iPad. Possibly this program also stores images somewhere but so far I have not been able to find out.

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    Re: How to update User Upstream Images ?

    You have to restart asset and kazoo

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