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Thread: CD ripper changing size of album art

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    Exclamation CD ripper changing size of album art


    So I usually source my album artwork from a 3rd party and not from the metadata lookup (https://bendodson.com/projects/itune...der/index.html).
    The artwork I'm able to get for albums are rather large, so I've set the CD ripper metadata parameters to:

    140000 x 140000
    2000000 x 2000000 KB

    Very much overkill I know; 100% of the time the artwork will never be over these parameters, but I want the absolute highest quality album art I can find and be able to save as cover.jpg and use ID Tag Processing to lower the file to 1024 x 1024 & 600 x 600 for lossless and lossy rips respectively.

    So today I've noticed that if an album cover I load from a file is 3000 x 3000 and 8.86 mb, it will be shrunken down in dB to 1600 X 1600 AND 404 KB. Never have had this issue before.

    Anyone have experience with this and why this is going on? Perhaps just a bug?

    Thanks guys.

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    Re: CD ripper changing size of album art

    8.86 MB is likely too large to be saved inside the file, there are maximum sizes for most formats, you are best keeping the art below 2MB

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    Re: CD ripper changing size of album art

    Use Mp3tag if you want to store the original high quality album art untouched - simple drag-and-drop operation.

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    Re: CD ripper changing size of album art

    Very much overkill I know
    Hi. Perhaps this is some kind of OCD we all face, building our libraries.
    I was also very picky about album art.
    As I understand 2160 px will be enough to fill out all lines of a 4K TV (the entire screen).
    If one would go the safe way, 3840 px would be enough for the columns on an entire TV like that.

    I usually use Apple TV 4K and use some 600, 700 and 3000 px album art. I sincerely see no difference to it when I see it.

    Remember that some file formats have limits, like FLAC, being 24 MB to the PICTURE block.
    If you want them really huge you better go the separate file way.
    Or you can have this separate file, but make small versions to embed it to the files.

    Hope this helps.
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    Re: CD ripper changing size of album art

    thank you all for input but none of the replies answered my question.

    the large .jpg album art file i find is compressed via ID tag processing set via DSP ripping parameters; 1024x1024 320KB on flac for sonos/archive use and 600 x 600 150 KB for m4a/iPod use. it would be completely overkill imo to have say a 25mb album art embedded in any format. came across this on Spiritbox&*8217;s new album download and the files were mp3. personally, i&*8217;m maybe cool with max 2MB album art embedded but it&*8217;s finicky with sonos use.

    the issue was Windows 11 not reading the .jpg file properly; perhaps cached metadata from the previous .jpg i&*8217;d hover over to see the info.

    haven&*8217;t encountered that issue since so all is good &*55357;&*56911;&*55356;&*57340; back to ripping.

    also thank you spoon for making such a wonderful program &*55358;&*56601;&*55356;&*57340;

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