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Thread: Sound File mp2

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    Sound File mp2


    I used dBPowerAmp 14.2 to convert sound files into mp2 48000 Hz, 256 KBits/s. The frame of 24 ms is 768 octets. The 5 last octets was the level (2 octets for left level et 2 octets for right level). So it was easy to quickly read the sound file to get theses values et create a spectral graphic.

    But with the 17.4 version of dBPowerAmp I don't have this function.

    See the 2 spectrums: a good in 14.2 version and a bad in 17.4 version


    have you some solution ?

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    Re: Sound File mp2

    Are you certain that the R17 version is not louder? the data is there just seems to be louder

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