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Thread: No song titles on the main page

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    Jun 2019

    No song titles on the main page

    Hello Forum

    I am running DB Poweramp 17.4 - 64 bits, fully registered, win 10

    I have this problem:

    No titles songs is shown on the main page, when I want to rip a CD.
    All the rest of the meta data is there including Album Art.

    When I review metadata from individual providers all the songs titles are listed in the 5 columns,
    but I cannot move the to the main page.

    So - how do I move the song titles to the main page.


    Torben Lindegaard

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    Re: No song titles on the main page

    Right click where you see the words 'Length' (click right on the word) above the track listing and choose 'Default Columns'

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