I am new to PerfectTUNES, so I may be doing something wrong. I am using DBpoweramp to rip a collection of classical and opera CDs. In many cases, a work is split over several discs and / or a single disc contains parts of several works. In some cases, I have set the work for the entire disc but would like to go back and set the movements / acts names, etc., using PerfectTUNES selecting groups of tracks to apply the same tags.

When I select "Browse by Metadata" or "Lists & Recommendations" a player comes up and starts playing a track. The "Browse by File and Folders" display does not seem to include the Work and Movement based tags.

As an aside, my long term goal is to create a playlist for each classical work in my collection and be able to index them via composer, work, performance, soloists, etc. Ultimately, this divorces finding the work to be heard from the constraints of album / disc organization, etc. Having consistent metadata is a key part of the process and my original rips using iTunes produced so many inconsistencies in the metadata that I decided to start over using DBPoweramp and PerfecrtTUNES.