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Thread: "Not in accurate rip"

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    "Not in accurate rip"

    Hi there,
    can't get my CD ripped because of error message. In my Mac's privacy settings dbpoweramp (release 17.5) has access to all files and folders. Operatimng System Mac OS 11.5
    Please help,
    thanxs Butz
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    Re: "Not in accurate rip"

    Does only this disc act like this? or all discs?

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    Re: "Not in accurate rip"

    Thanks for the bug report.
    According to the screenshots, you're running dBpoweramp version R17, not R17.5 (slight visual changes were made after R17).
    A bug causing ripping to fail if track titles contain quotation marks was fixed in R17.1. Please update to the latest version (R17.5) and everything should function properly.

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