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Thread: Need auto rip + Rip as One

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    Nov 2021

    Need auto rip + Rip as One

    As full featured as CD Ripper and Batch Ripper are, they don't seem to be able to do what I want, which is really not that complicated.

    I have a large collection of classical CDs that I want to play on my MP3 setup while I work, so I want to rip them as CD-per-track and then play the (large) MP3 files shuffled. And, it's most convenient if I can just load them into the CD drive while I do other things, even on a Zoom session, without having to interact with any app.

    Batch Ripper has auto rip, which works fine. And CD Ripper can rip an entire CD to one file, which also works fine. But, it seems that there's no way to get both features to operate together.

    Can this be true? Seems a strange oversight in an otherwise very well done set of applications.

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    Re: Need auto rip + Rip as One

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