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Thread: Blu Ray/DVD Burner Advice Needed

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    Blu Ray/DVD Burner Advice Needed

    I am uncertain, if this is the right forum location for this question, but since it has to do with CD ripping, I decided to post it here. As you may already be aware, we are in a global chip shortage which is impacting the CPU, GPU, and other chip based markets. Since my current gaming PC is showing its age and it is proving difficult to get the necessary parts to build a replacement desktop gaming PC, I have decided as an interim solution to go with a gaming capable laptop. In addition to gaming, I also use my PC as a stereo for listening to my music collection. I still purchase music in CD format and rip them to my computer using custom settings in the dBpoweramp ripping and conversion software to get the cleanest rips possible from my CDs. I am aware that the optical disc drive is on the way out and if I cannot get a laptop with an internal Blu Ray/DVD drive, then I will add an external optical drive. I would like the external drive to be capable of handling frequent CD ripping and burning processes, the high demands from the dBpoweramp ripping software when trying to get the cleanest rips possible from scratched or damaged CDs, and be able to play Blu Ray and DVD discs. I am aware that there are dedicated external optical drives and external cases to install internal optical drives for them to function outside of the desktop computer casing. Which type of the mentioned external Blu Ray/DVD optical drive setups would I be better off with? Could you also provide recommendations on reliable dedicated external optical drives or external casings?


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    Re: Blu Ray/DVD Burner Advice Needed

    It would go for 2 different brand cheap usb drives, no need for specialized drives in enclosures.

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