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Thread: codec for .OMA files

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    La Vale

    Exclamation codec for .OMA files

    I'd like to have a new codec for .OMA files.
    These files are created by Sony Corporation, and are used by the application MUSIC PLAYER.

    Thank you for your precious help

    La Vale

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    Re: codec for .OMA files

    i second that, need oma rips for winamp and windows media etc


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    Re: codec for .OMA files

    ditto! :-)

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    Question Re: codec for .OMA files

    So has anyone found a converter for these?

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    Jan 2005

    Re: codec for .OMA files

    I found it. a program that can convert .oma files to .wav files and mp3 files. i havent tried the mp3 part yet. its located at


    click on the programs folder , then the hi-md renderer program folder. then click on the version 0.31 folder . on the next page there is a link to download the program!!

    it works well, i converted to a wav file and then used musicmatch to convert to an mp3 because it said it couldnt find the mp3 dll but ill figure it out later.

    ENjoy and give credit to the guys website that creted this program.. Hail to him!!!!!

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    Re: codec for .OMA files

    hmgoy's right on the money... Hi-MD Renderer is the best program for converting authorized OpenMG files to mp3, wav, ogg or flac. The DLL problem he's having is because he didn't install v0.30 first, then install v0.31.

    But even Hi-MD Renderer doesn't work on all .OMA/.OMG files (specifically unauthorized files). I recommend you all take a look at a post I put together to try & set the record straight on OpenMG conversion... there's a lot of misinformation and confusion on this issue I'm hoping to help clear up.

    My post is here:
    Sony .OMA/.OMG conversion: some actual facts
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    Thumbs up Re: codec for .OMA files

    Hello I think this will help some people

    I just read 12 pages of
    threads that was closed down. I was Trying to figure this
    out myself and I finally did, lol. Some people leave out
    details when explaining how to do something thats what
    took me longer anyway this is how:

    First you need an audio CD created in sonic stage under
    the "create CD" option. The WMF tracks I used in Sonic
    stage and converted to WAV were created in sonic stage
    under the "create audio CD" under the "tranfer" option on
    the main screen.Make sure you dont select "create an
    Atrac CD" This will create ATP files on the CD. The WMF
    files are 44 KB each then you can do as I mentioned above
    to convert to WAV. THESE were made from the sonic stage
    "library", songs/ CD's that have been loaded into the
    SONIC Stage program.

    Then in sonic stage there is a option right in sonic
    stage to convert tracks/albums that have been loaded in
    sonic stage to WAV format.
    Open sonic stage, go to Tools/options on the menu click
    on "Album" then "location to save recorded files" that is
    where it will be saved. Then go to under Tools/Options go
    to "CD Recording" it will say recording format on the
    screen to the right and has an "select Format" option,
    select WAV {pcm} then click ok go back to sonic stage. Go
    to "View" on menu click music source from there 2 options
    slide out click on the "Record a CD" slect the tracks you
    want to convert in the box check them, You need the insert the audio CD {WMF files} created in sonic, then there will be a
    {red} recording button you click on it to record them or "start recording" under controls in the menu. It will give you the option create a album or add to an existing album. You will know where it is saved to in your computer as I explained above

    You can also use RIP the WMF files/tracks CD you created in sonic stage in Windows Media Player 10 to RIP them not sure if Windows media player 8 or 9 has the RIP feature

    K hope this works for you like it did for me
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    Wink Re: codec for .OMA files

    The sonic stage program uses compressed files {oma files} I know because my son made a CD using it and has about at least 120 songs on the CD made in Sonic Stage can only use it for his sony walkman
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